Monday, December 13, 2010

Yeah, this month has been filled with a lot of cleaning and reorganising previous works. Since most of my projects have not been posted up yet I am finding the time to do so this holiday.
This is my character developments and graphic novel project of Journey to the West. I never thought I had done much work but looking back there's tend to be a few.
Here are some of the images that mattered:
Character Development
Here's the character development of Pigsy.
Here's the development of his weapon.
This is the final look of how Pigsy looks like.
Sadly, my computer was infected by a virus and I had lost all my work. I only can recover a few of my work since it was printed out in hard copies. But I shall redo my Pigsy in colour soon enough.
Monkey King
Here's the rest of Monkey King's development following after the previous post with the costume.
Here's a concept of different colours of fur I chose from:
Graphic Novel Development
This is the rough sketches of the scenes.
Then comes the page layout to make the story flow. I created a few roughs to see which layout is more effective.
And here is the final layout

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