Monday, December 13, 2010

For Avcon this year, which was about 5-6 months past, I had the idea to create a Monkey King costume. It took me this long to post it up because I had not found the time.
So as you might have noticed I am a big fan of Monkey King and it is one of my favourite story of all time along with few others since childhood. I can tell you how I watch it through thick and thin, sickness and all but I'm sure you don't want to put up with it.

Here's my final concept of Monkey King that I had designed for my character development and graphic novel project:
From here, I looked backed on my previous concepts of Monkey King that i had done and alter it enough to suit my body frame and the materials I could afford.

I kept the original colour of Monkey King which I believe would be red, yellow and black because I did not want to alter too much for people not to recognise the character.

I also look back on my concepts of Monkey King's weapon and and found it a little difficult and time consuming to create, as the day was getting closer.
I also created the golden circlet that Monkey King wears from metal rings I found in spotlight. There were many trial and errors creating this circlet as I did not have the proper welding equipment to stick the pieces together. So I end up using superglue - worked perfectly!

Lastly, was the question of whether having a mask or not. I juggled the idea for awhile, but end up finding a monkey mask on Ebay to have more realist monkey look.

Final Costume
Here's what it looks like:
I had forgotten how long this took me in making, but I know for sure that gathering the materials were hard.
In the end though, I had so much fun making it.
Also, I would like to give credits to my mum for doing all the sewing.

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