Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yes I know, I haven't been updating the blog for awhile. In my defence, I was on holiday for a month. As for the rest of the other days, I was preparing for it. =)

Anyway, I have been working on ink for a couple of days now and I felt like I should upload my progress.
I'm still getting the hang of it, but I believe it's getting better as a progress.

The Fighter - Kid
The Fighter

The Fire Fighter - Kid
The Fire Fighter

The Fish Plane
Here's another image of the Fish Plane.
A brief description -
This machine does not need wings to fly, rather it has three mechanisms that makes it hover in the air. The hovering mechanisms turns slightly whenever the driver want's to change direction.
It also has a rocket engine at the back for it to move forward.
The antenna at the back (the very long tail at the back) gives it good receptions to receive wireless internet from anywhere around the world.

It is a good flying machine to be used if you want a lazy ride on a Sunday afternoon.

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